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Elemental is a pure arcade and addictive game, where you guide a little ball through four beautiful elemental worlds : earth, wind, fire and water.
Your goal is to open the gates to the new maps and worlds, by gathering or creating green and red pills, and putting them in the right place. But beware; you have many enemies who wish only one thing : preventing you from succeeding. Understand their behavior and use your mind, world topology, bonuses and items to avoid or get rid of them.

Features :

• Pure arcade and addictive game, for both casual and hardcore gamers.
• Explore 40 maps in 4 different and wonderful worlds : Earth, wind, water and fire.
• Use world topology and special areas to avoid and block your enemies.
• Choose your own path all through the game.

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Where to buy this game :
APPSTORE for IPhone/Ipod Touch.