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CORELANE is a studio based near Paris, France, specialised in game development on IPhone, mobile devices and handeld consoles.

The studio is founded by three veterans of video game development, who come from the well-known french company Lankhor. This company created and published many titles during 17 years and was awarded many times for the quality of its games in different fields and on a wide range of computers and consoles platforms, like PC, Playstation, Amiga, Atari ST, Amstrad CPC, and Megadrive :
• Adventure games with Morteville Manor and Maupiti Island.
• RPG games with Black Sect.
• Racing games with Vroom, Official F1 Racing, F1 World Grand Prix and Warm-Up!.

CORELANE founders are :
Jean-Luc Langlois, CEO, was founder member and technical director of Lankhor.
Emmanuel Chamayou, CTO, who specialised in mobile phone development in other companies.
Mathieu Leyssenne, 'Ani', Art Director, before working as freelance in different fields, like games, web sites, press, illustration.

Our objective is to create high-quality and original titles, using powerful and dedicated in-house tools. We support a wide range of technology platforms, like Java J2ME MIDP1 and 2, Exen/Ege, Symbian, and OpenGL ES.

Besides, if you are a publisher, we are open to any kind of deal, like adapting some of our titles to fit into a licence. We also propose our services and technologies to create whole new games, based on licences or not.

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+33 (0)1 34 86 54 46