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Petit nuage

• June 07th, 2009 :

Good news, few days special price for all corelane games on the appstore : Clonyk, Elemental and Opal's quest !!!
Opal's quest Lite is also available on the appstore here.

• March 10th, 2009 :

Opal's Quest has gone gold for Iphone/Ipod touch and is now available on the Appstore here.


• December 24th, 2008 :

Corélane wishes you a merry christmas and a happy new year!

• November 20th, 2008 :

Elemental has gone gold for Iphone/Ipod touch and is now available on the Appstore here.


• November 08th, 2008 :

Corélane is going Iphone !
Our very first IPhone game, Clonyk, is already available on the Appstore here.
Stay tuned, many more games will come soon.


• January 02nd, 2008 :

Corélane wishes you all a happy new year!

• January 26th, 2007 :

After many weeks without news, but of hard hard work, the website has been updated with no less than 5 new games announcements, descriptions and screenshots :

Elemental, an old Lankhor arcade game, is going mobile ( Erick, contact us ).
Voodoo Kart, a wonderful racing game in a Voodoo/Pirate cartoon spirit.
Clonyk, an extremely addictive casual game.
Rack&Roll, a great puzzle game for everyone.
Bloody Moon, a top secret project, following the successful steps of Opal's Quest.

Have a look at the new Games page.


• December 24th, 2006 :

The whole team wishes you a merry christmas, and a happy, happy, happy new year!
Many news will come at the very beginning of 2007, stay tuned!

• September 21th, 2006 :

You can buy FreeFall online on the website Clickgamer here, Opal's Quest here and Xtreme Ignition here if you cannot find them elsewhere :).

• August 29th, 2006 :

FreeFall is achieved and has been completely reskined. You can see the latest screenshots and download the new video in the games section.


• August 07th, 2006 :

The FORUMS are now open. if you are looking for some information regarding our games, or if you want to ask something about them, this is the place to go. ;)

• May 11th, 2006 :

Good news! Xtreme Ignition is achieved and will soon be available. Have a look at these new screenshots :

Click here to see Xtreme Ignition details :

• January 30th, 2006 :

Happy new year everybody, and best wishes for 2006 !

Opal's Quest, our very first RPG for mobile phones ( Java Midp2 versions ), is finally achieved in this very beginning of year 2006. Here are a few new screenshots of the game, showing some of the new environments.

Click here to see Opal's Quest details :

• July 31th, 2005 :

the new website is here :)